When was the last time you abstained from food for a day (without being sick)?

Have you ever?

When I think back on my life, for as long as I can recall, I shovelled food (the silent poison) down my gullet every few hours without fail.

And I’d also eat snacks in between!

I never questioned that. 🤔

Today’s society don’t have a food scarcity problem, they have a food abundance epidemic!

We can walk out our front doors and within minutes, sometimes less, we can gain access to lorry loads of confectionary and takeaway foods. And if we’re feeling extra indulgent, all we need to do is call upon our fast service apps.

Was this the way of it 5000 years ago? Was this the way of it 500 years ago? What about as little as 50 years back? The answer of course is no, it wasn’t.

We have made more changes to our nutritional habits in the last 50-100 years than in the last 50,000.

And to what cost?

On March the 3rd myself and a few others will be breaking common thinking by engaging in a 24 hour fasting challenge. 

An act that seems absolutely alien now but for millennia has been a natural and uncontested practice.

By allowing your food to fully assimilate (digest), your bodies’ resources can then be focused on repair and rejuvenation. This has some amazing health benefits.

Within a matter of only 24 hours several markers of ageing begin to improve, you feel lighter, inflammation reduces, your mind feels clearer and you may even experience subtle flurries of euphoria.

If you are interested in up -levelling your health then this could be the ticket.

And if you’re sceptical like I was when I first experimented with fasting then simply give it a try and make an informed decision for yourself before you rule it out.

It’s a lot easier than you think, and it will open your mind to a world of new thoughts.

You’ll feel better for it.

So with that, who’s joining us?

Who’s up for the challenge?

Click this link and join my closed Facebook group, The Mind/Body Blueprint, where many are set to boldly go where few have gone before.


You’ll find further instructions inside.

Food can be friend or foe, either way it’ll let you know.