The Third Most Common Anxiety Would NOT HOLD HIM BACK!

This is Laith and not too long ago he came to me seeking help.

He had the interview of a lifetime to land his dream job wth his much loved Celtic Football Club.

But his confidence was shaken because anytime he would find himself in a social situation where he would have to engage with someone new or speak in public he’d experience this heightened anxiety that’d render him less capable of being himself, a very inviting and likeable person.

Even though Laith comes across as being very socially adept, in particular situations his internal world is frozen by fear.

So we got to work by using the science and wisdom of wellbeing to enhance his chances of success.

The Results?

I can happily tell you now that Laith not only done himself and me proud be landing the job, but that his success has continued and he is now in his second year with the club of his dreams where he was recently promoted to social media officer.

The picture you see shows Laith travelling with the team around Europe to document their pre season games.

Anything is possible with a little guidance.

And the mind is a wonderful tool for manifesting what you want when trained.

Well done Laith, your achievements make my work all the more worthwhile.