If you’re reading this then you are or aspire to be an entrepreneur. And as an entrepreneur you will set goals and aim to achieve those goals. Along the way you will encounter challenges that will leave you doubting yourself, thinking:

How can I get through this?

How can I make this work?

I don’t think I can do this”

These thoughts are normal but what separates the unsuccessful from the successful entrepreneur is their mental strategies. The successful have one, the unsuccessful don’t. The successful apply it, the unsuccessful grit their teeth, struggle and hope for the best. And often they run the risk of damaging their health.

However, there is ONE WORD every successful entrepreneur knows. One word that will change your game and make you more mentally equipped to deal with such challenges. A word that separates you from the pack and elevates your chances of success.

That word is W O R K

Willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.

Optimism. Being perpetually optimistic in-spite of failures and set backs.

Reinvent yourself. To do something you’ve never done you will have to become someone you’ve never been.

Kindred spirits. Your relationships matter.

Willingness to do whatever it takes.

A strong willingness to do whatever it takes and act in spite of setbacks and failures is rare. The questions is then: where does it come from and how can one develop it? The answer is why. When someone has a strong why or purpose behind what they do they’re more likely to succeed. And that why has nothing to do with money. Money is just a byproduct of acting with purpose. Your why has to evoke emotion, it has to come from somewhere deep inside your soul, it has to be intrinsically motivating.

To find your why ask:

Why am I really in this business?

Be honest. You may have to get a piece of paper and list all the whys you have until no more appear. Generally what you find is that the first few whys will not reflect your true motivation for being in business. But your last few will as they tap into a deeper space. It can also be effective to grab a recorder and ask a friend to continually ask: “Why are you in this business?” for 3 minutes? This will be challenging but it helps uncover more authentic motives.

Once you have an idea of your why create a short statement that you can be reminded of daily.

For example, my why is as follows…

To optimise people’s minds and bodies so they can realise their potential

A simple statement but if you asked me why that was the case I’d respond by saying: “I live to be the me I never had. For many years I didn’t realise my potential, no one encouraged me or showed a better path, and so I experienced many tough situations. I’m now in a much better place and have had great success over the years. I want to educated people on that process and show what’s possible.

“A man with a why will overcome any how”

Find your why and remind yourself of this daily.

Be optimistic.

Let’s be real, business is tough, real tough, and there are times that will test your metal. So how do you buffer against the tough and maintain that optimism in spite of multiple challenges? You train your brain to be optimistic.

“The human brain is like velcro for the negative and teflon to the positive”

We are prone to be negative. The only way that can change that is through mental training. When you get stressed your brain releases cortisol (the stress hormone) which prevents you from thinking intelligently. If you allow that stress to consume you, you will not manifest the business results you aspire to attain.

So how do you take back control?

By governing your state, meaning your psychological state. State is something you can shift in a heartbeat. State is an emotional space, it’s where you cultivate an enhanced psychological energy through the use of body movement, breath, intention and often music. If I asked you now to smile, even if it was forced, you’d feel better. If I prompted you to hug the person closest to you and to hold on longer than normal, you’d begin to elevate your psychology. If I guided you through a simple breath work mediation, immediately you’d feel more centred. These are all state shifting exercises and they work. In just a few seconds you can dramatically alter your body at an electrical and chemical level. You begin to flourish and that’s where the magic happens. That’s where you realise your potential and become more likely to operate with excellence. The cool thing about state is that you don’t need me to induce it, you can do it yourself.

The power plant doesn’t have energy, it generates it.

It’s on you to take personal responsibility to consciously control your state and better direct your business and life decisions.

Change your state, change your fate.

Reinvent yourself

The concept of reinventing yourself can be hard to grasp so let me make it simple.

Scenario 1

You’re just about to take a business idea and make it a reality. You have done your research and someone with experience has overseen your plans. They are viable and you’re ready to rock but you have one issue, you have no money. You now need to find out about funding: make calls, read blogs, ask questions, etc.

Scenario 2

You are a new startup and you know that in order to advance you need to learn public speaking. But here’s the catch, you have no experience. The last time you spoke to an audience was years ago. You are going to have to reinvent your self by learning a new skill set if you want to be successful.

When a boxer gets beat he must reinvent himself to come back stronger. If you decide to move to a new country you may need to learn a new language to communicate effectively. My point being:

“To do something you’ve never done you will have to become someone you’ve never been”

In business you are met with obstacles, skills gaps you need to fill in order to grow. Therefore, you need to do what’s never been done to rise to the challenge. If you want to be excellent in business and life you will have to embrace the fact that everyday situations will present themselevs to test you, will can quiver and shrink or stand strong and add more layers?

What will be your next goal/challenge _________?

How will you reinvent yourself to be more successful in that _________?

Kindred spirits. Your relationships matter.

Did you know that a single goose can fly 75% further in formation than it ever could on it’s own?

“You will never do anything worthwhile in life on your own. Period”

You may be the driving force behind a business or project but you will need others to make it soar. As my life has advanced so too have the quality of my relationships. When I was young I hung around with addicts, criminals and the psychologically unbalanced. It wasn’t long before I became an addict, a criminal and psychological unbalanced muyself. Now I spend time with athletes, leading business figures and those who are holistically flourishing. Now I’m athletic, thriving in business and have more health, wealth, love and happiness in my life than ever-before. When you practice OQP (only quality people) your life will change in profound ways.

“You become the product of the 5 people you spend most time with”

Who are you spending time with?

Make a list of those closest to you and categorise them into the following: growth friends/maintenance friends/energy vampires.

Growth friends: these are people you see your life evolving and maturing with. You see yourself having continual joy, fun, trust and adventure with. These are people you find yourself needing in your life on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These are the people who enrich the quality of you life. You must spend most of your time with those in this category.

Maintenance friends: you want to maintain your friendships with them but really not do much more than that. These are the people you see a once or twice a year. You may call them and or exchange a few emails. Those exchanges may even be stimulating and fun but your time with these people is limited. These people may even be people you were really close with in the past, they may even be family members. That’s cool, be okay with that. Caveat, you don’t need to tell them they’re a ‘maintenance friend’, that doesn’t go down well.

Energy vampires: we all inherently know who these people are but for some reason we cling on to them longer than we should. These are the people who through their actions disqualify you from realising your potential. They are always moaning, gossiping and involved in drama, and you allow it. In allowing their behaviour you enable them and hold yourself back. Be more confident cutting off or distancing yourself from these types.

You now have a strategy for success. This process will help you through the many obstacles you will face in business and in life. You are now part of the very few who has this information. If you apply it you will develop more confidence, mental toughness and success. Use is it, and use it wisely.

I CHALLENGE YOU to use this system for the next 21 days and inform me of how much it changes your life.

*And if this article has served you well then please share it with someone else who could benefit from it.