If I were to ask you right now to rate on a scale of 1-10 how much you take care of your body, where would you rate yourself?

1 represents all out punishment and inviting toxicity into your life everyday.

10 represents being very in tune with your wellbeing: sleep, relationships, movement, diet, mind and career. You are happy, healthy and capable.

So whats your answer? ___________

For many years I would’ve had to have answered 0.

Because the abuse I inflicted on myself was inhumane.

Lets me explain.

10,000 calories a day!

This is what I strived to eat, everyday. You wouldn’t be wrong if you called me a mindless moron. I could rummage my way through copious amounts of chocolate and ice cream with ease. In fact, here’s an insight into a typical day in the life of the younger me:

BreakfastThe Hugh Jackman Diet (nothing heroic about it): 6 eggs, 3 slice toast with peanut butter, 120 grams oats with banana, honey, dark chocolate and sometimes a protein shake.

But not just any protein shake…A Rich Piana MUTANT MASS XXL protein shake. Approx 1200 cals per serving. And If you’re not familiar with Rich Piana, look him up, he looks as though he shares the same bloodline as the Hulk.

That was just breakfast.

Mid Morning-I’d then workout and consume another of the mutant mass xxl shakes (another 1200 cals).

One Hour Later– I’d have a meal which would usually consist of some form of animal based protein (beef, chicken, tuna), some rice and some veggies.

And there’s more!

I’d have another two meals thereafter!

Early Evening-Generally it’d be another meal similar to that above followed by something like pizza, more meat and or some peanut butter bagels with chocolate, sometimes I pop a lil ice cream on top.

And To Finish- A sip of some good ol protein to wash it down.

And with it came a Number of Issues: 

Every trip to the toilet was like giving birth. They called me trumpet bum, I had gas that could wipe out half of china (it wasn’t funny, it was embarrassing), constipation, the shits, areas of my skin looked red, rashed and lizard-like, I experienced foggy brain, emotional outbursts and anxiety.


What was I doing to my body?

Well, at the time I was ‘Trying to get big’ and was of the thought process:

“I’m fine, I look good and exercise, therefore, I’m healthy”

Not exactly Descartian logic.

Silly, I know but it’s actually more common that you think. In fact, maybe you are thinking this way right now.

And to highlight…

A sexy outer does not always equate to a sexy inner.

Now of course, I must stress, this is a fairly extreme case, and you might be thinking “I’m exempt”.

Not so fast! 

I did eventually make the transition to what could be called a more “Normal” diet: 3 meals a day with desert on occasion. So now I’m in the normal zone you’d think all my issues would stop, right? Wrong!

My mind and body were still toxic.

Following what everyone is doing seems safe, but in fact it’s the complete opposite. Why?

Because the masses we learn from typically died young or are dying quicker than they need to.

You only have to look at the cancer rates in the last 30 years. They’re spiking quicker the Jimmy Savile’s nether regions at the sight of a school bus.

See irrespective of the differences between scenario 1 (where I consumed a lot of food) and scenario 2 (where I ate what is perceived as normal) I still, in both instances, ate in a way that was was unhealthy.

I still violated many of the key mindful eating principals.

Here are 3 of those I violated:

>I Ate Mindlessly Not Mindfully<

It doesn’t matter whether you’re eating 10, 000 cals per day or 2,000, if you eat it mindlessly there will be consequences.

When you eat mindlessly you overburden your stomach, you inhibit your digestive processes and you run the risk of damaging your gut wall which increase your chances of autoimmune conditions and other horrific disease likes cancer and heart failure.

>Good Quality, Nourishing Foods< 

Now there was time when I thought how I ate (in both scenarios) was acceptable. I welcomed the toxicity. Even when I started making better choices I still wasn’t nourishing my body, I wasn’t limiting it.

Many people don’t know what nourishing foods are. Most people know they should eat more greens, fruits and veggies and less processed foods and sweets. These are basic beneficial universal health practices that are ever present, but they are basic, and basic information causes basic level knowledge and knowhow.

And basic knowledge and knowhow causes basic results and a basic existence. And basic results and a basic existence is what humanity is facing right now, extreme sickness: mental, physical and emotional. This acceptance of basic is screwing everyone.

And we are all happy living this way, that is until we get the eviction notice. Until we experience consequences that are serious enough for us to make a worthwhile shift in knowledge, knowhow and action. But until that days comes we accept this basic knowledge and existence. And sometimes we continue accepting it, like I did, until we can’t avoid it anymore and shit has already hits the fan.

Why are we so nonchalant about our depth of knowledge regarding foods (and wellbeing), that which we need to live, and that which we ingest daily?

Well, the simple answer is, we have never been taught to value it. We know no better. This baffles me.

But It should’nt be used as an excuse to accept the standard narrative. 

As I’ve advanced my understanding of nutrition I have come to a conclusion: all I ever ate was toxic.

More broadly speaking, all I ever did was toxic. Even when I ate less and a little healthier, still I consumed a lot of toxicity. And the reason being is that people can’t competently and confidently state what foods are universal toxic triggers (cause issues in everyone) and which are specific toxic triggers (causes issue only for you).

This was not a competency of mine.

Herein lies one of our gravest failures.

Food can be friend or foe,

It can raise you high or leave you low

Food can evoke great strife 

It can diminish happiness and quality of life 

Food is wisdom, food is strong 

It’s presence binding, the sweetest song

It’s handling telling, what you reap you sow,

Either way it’ll let you know. 

>Eat When You’re Hungry<

The only time (except for now) I ate when I was hungry was when I was a child. We all overeat for many reasons, here are just a few:

-Society tells us to look a certain way.

-Because big marketers influence us.

-We are using it to block emotional pain.

-To reduce stress.

-Because we aren’t aware how to eat mindfully.

-We are eating foods that aren’t nourishing and instead eat addicting foods generated in labs.

-Habits and past conditioning from our parents and families, who are most likely dead, sick or on the path.

And many more!

Did you know that true hunger comes from the throat. Half of the time the hunger pangs we feel are simply or bodies digesting the food in our gut.

So, have you been violating these principals?

My bet is you have, because no one is taught how to eat mindfully, we are not taught how to take care our ourselves and there is so much that we can do.

Here are just a few of the things I was doing to my body every single day:

-Moving Closer to The Big C. It’s said that 35-45% of people will experience cancer, but does this have to be the norm?

-Toxic Genetic Manipulation. We each have around 30,000 unique genes. We can either switch on the good or activate the bad.

-Shot to Shit Immune System-By inviting in so much toxicity and overburdening our guts we weaken our first line of defence.

-Ridiculous Blood Sugar Roller Coaster Sugar Spikes. If our blood sugar isn’t stable then its unstable, and the more unstable it is the more dis-abled we are. Chronic spikes in blood sugar cause systemic inflammation, the no 1 causes of disease.

-Burying Emotional Pain-Whether it be deep, traumatic events or daily run ins with subtle stressors, rather than develop ourselves to deal the challenges more skilfully, we go right for the food. And it doesn’t have to be junk food, it could be any food that affords us some psychological stimulation. We eat till we inoculate our burdened state.

-Depression-What, where, when and how you eat all influence your microbiome, which influences you psyche. The gut sends signals to your brain via your vagus nerve. Think of it as a messaging system, and what happens in vagus doesn’t stay in vagus, unfortunately.

-Death Before Death. As stated earlier, food can be friend or foe, and many of us are dead before we breathe our last breath. We are quick to judge to the junkie, the alcoholic and the morbidly obese, but what about the basic? That is, how the masses eat? Because it’s the norm does not make it right. Once you start to bring a more mindful approach to all you do (embracing mindful principles), the so called ‘normal’ way of living (which you may be living right now) appears to you just as how the junkie, the alcoholic and the morbidly obese appear to the masses: sad, sick and non-conscious.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Through my own suffering I found solutions, tactics and practices that not only freed me from my pain but helped me move toward my potential. And for the last 8 years I have been dedicated to discovering more and more about how to optimise the mind and body through the science and wisdom of wellbeing.

Tomorrow on my Motivational Dude Facebook channel I will be hosting a live feed covering more on this topic, addressing the following:

-My experiences in greater depth.

-The many principals of mindful eating.

-Suggestions on how you can eat more mindfully.

-The distinction between toxic triggers and universal toxic triggers.

-How bad habits are formed.


Link For Live Video

What someone eats and the way they eat it can reveal a remarkable amount about who that person is, how they think and what they are going through in life. What do your habits say about you? Find out tomorrow.