Pain is what fuels passion. For as long as I can recall people have looked at me and considered me healthy: “He looks good on the outside so things must be peachy, right?”. Not so true. See many of us believe falsely that if one looks good externally then all must be good internally. Again, this line of thinking is flawed. I’ve always had a confident physique but that doesn’t mean I’m free from suffering. Ive had to battle IBS, eczema, panic disorder (serious anxiety), addictions, and a lot dark thoughts. Even now, years on and free from many ailments, still considered and perceived to be the embodiment of health, I’m consistently hard at work understanding the mind and body.

In fact, for the last 3 years I’ve been wrestling with autoimmune type issues and emotional struggles due the increased pressures of running a business. Again, pain fuels passion. My pain has driven me to seek and find solutions, and I will continue this path because my purpose is to help others with their suffering.

One of the greatest pieces of advice I could give anyone suffering (inside or out) is to go on a solid food vacation, that is, to drink low sugar juice for 1-3 days and become aware of how you feel. What you’ll come to find is that you’ll feel euphoric (this is not hyperbole bs) and you’ll wonder why. This is because most of the food we consume is toxic, and by going on a solid food vacation and consuming only healthy foods, real foods, rich in life, we can heal from the inside out, and we encounter a new reference point for what true health feels like.

I stared experimenting with these protocols years ago and with each new experiment I grow wiser, healthier and more abundant both internally and externally.

Pain sucks, suffering sucks, but there is always someone whose been through what you are now and discovered a solution. Ive certainly gone through hell and can speak from an authentic place when I say, true wellbeing can be yours.

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