St Lourdes secondary, you rock!

Tuesday was a special day.

Any day I’m blessed with the opportunity to work with the younger generations is a day I relish.

However, more and more I’m witnessing a saddening epidemic in schools, colleges and universities.

I see it spreading like wildfire and it’s not being being addressed aggressively enough, and the repercussions are dire.

What is this grave trend I speak of?

An lack of comprehension about our beliefs and the power they hold. 

  • A belief can improve your strength considerably, sometimes as much as 30%.
  • A belief can increase your IQ.
  • A belief is enough to make you appear drunk when there’s no booze in your system.

Our beliefs determine our entire experince so it’s wise to understand how they work.

But before I speak on this, first let me define what a belief is in the most simplest manner.

Beliefs are thoughts we hold in our minds that carry information. This information can either hold us back or propel us forth. 

Beliefs are inserted in the mind by ourselves or by some other external forces such as our parents, our immediate circle of influence and or the culture we are exposed to.

Typically 90% are of our beliefs are limiting and rarely will you find solid evidence to support them.

And it is these very beliefs that shape how we see the world and how we behave, and our behaviours are what determines our life quality or lack there of. 

In short, WHAT WE BELIEVE WE BECOME, and thus many of us become lesser versions of what we can be.

I recall a time when I was laden with toxic beliefs:

‘Who are you to go to college or university? No one in your family has, so how will you succeed?’

‘I’m just some young idiot form the back arse of nowhere, where everyone is no one and does nothing. Why am I any different?’

And more recently:

‘Motivational speaker. Ha! You’re not American, pal, nor are you skilled in this area. On your bike!’

These thoughts did not serve me in anyway, all they achieved was to shackle me and pull me ever further from realising who and what I could be.

Sadly, the majority of Scotland’s youth embody similar limiting beliefs and aren’t being shown how exorcise those toxic thoughts effectively.

This is why, when thinking about our beliefs, we should consider:

What are my beliefs?

How are they influencing my behaviour?

Where do they come from?

Is there any evidence for this or that belief being true?

What would be a better belief for me to hold so as to help me grow?

What you are actually doing and what you are capable of is directly connected to the mental make-up of your mind, the beliefs you hold and the thoughts they create.

And to exorcise those disempowering beliefs you must innercise.

To innercise is to exercise your inner world.

And here is one simple technique for replacing the bad beliefs with those that push you toward you best self where you can become more of who you’re really supposed to be.

Note! If you struggle to believe in yourself then maybe you can believe in someone else’s belief in you. I can be that person.


Select your new belief.

As an example, when I started changing my life my new belief was just to be better, everyday in every way.

Now you must identify what you want. 

Ask yourself: what do I want?

Make an I want it list of 100 things your desire. The first 20 or so wants will be superficial and not reflective of your deepest and truest wants.

Then, pick 1 of those wants and take action on it.

Remember a good goal must be meaningful, doable and challenging. Use that as your barometer.

WARNING, taking action is where 90% of people fail. When they begin to talk about or act on their new goal they feel divided from others, they feel doubtful and the delay.

Know this is normal but act in spite of those feelings.

When you create a new belief, have identified a goal that is aligned with that belief and take action on it, you start to generate different activity in your brain.

Your brain starts to create what are known as neural traces, think of these are mini memories in some sense.

Taking action on your goal consistently builds new habits which encourages your brain to change in amazing ways. The brain reshapes itself to suit its new needs and environment to help you in pursuit of that goal. Effectively you mould a new you.

Breaking habits takes time and is uncomfortable but if your persist you will become a new you, all by changing your beliefs and acting in alignment with them.

Action breeds traction

Traction breeds competence

Competence breeds confidence

In psychological this is known as the comptence confidence loop.

The more you do, the better you become.

So explore the beliefs in your mind. If you have to, change them up for something better, find a goal that is connected with your new belief, take action on that every single day and in time you will transform.