Will it be easy? NOPE. Will it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

This picture was taken on stage at my first TEDx talk. And my, was I shitting myself.

I remember the weeks leading up. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I’d be perceived, how I’d execute and what the outcome would be.

Even though at that time I had spoken in front of larger crowds, the TEDx name brought with it a different kind of pressure.

I’ve been in many uncomfortable situations: overdosed, attacked with bottles and knives and came face to face cold blooded murders who want to rip my head. The nerves didn’t compare. I knew that the experience would teach me a lot and that even though it was going to be one of my greatest challenges, it’d also be one of my greatest achievements.

That day I showed up, there were some slips along the way but I showed up. The preparation wasn’t easy, neither were those first few steps and words. But man, was it worth it!

I could’ve easily backed out, listened to my doubts and opted not to show up. But in not doing so I was given a great gift for that was the day I became a speaker. That was day that showed me I could.

Challenges are there for a reason. Those that are bold enough to conquer them are rewarded with treasures.


Identify it, move toward it, accept that it won’t be easy but be excited for who you will become and the gifts you will be granted by facing such obstacles.