Media reports like this must be more heavily scrutinised before they reach the public eye.

On many levels this media piece is nonsensical and only encourages individuals to buy into a way of thinking that is already flawed.

First of all, it encourages dependency rather than independence. Reliance on external resources (a flu jab) when there are alternative approaches (meditation, etc) which promote more self reliant and positive outcomes is ludicrous.

Furthermore, offering second best tactics is not just and doesn’t serve the people in the most efficient manner. Scare mongering media click bate is pervasive today, be mindful of what you’re reading.

Now, I’m of course of the understanding that flu jabs have worth, but they should be posited as worst case scenario interventions not as immediately prescribed best case preventative tactics.

If you’re suffering from a flu, experiencing symptoms of one or would prefer not have one at all, take your health into your own hands and develop a habit that will not only prevent the likelihood of contracting a flu but also positively impact many other facets of your life.

Don’t just take my word for it, here’s just a morsel of the evidence exhibiting the efficacy of meditation in boosting the immune system and being a useful flu buffer.

In a controlled clinical study involving two groups meditation was shown to improve natural killer cell count, recovery from a virus and boost immunity. 

2 groups of participants were injected with a flu virus. One group mediated for 20 minutes per day for several weeks and the other group did as normal (no mediation involved).

The results: the meditation group recovered better both subjectively and objectively. Meditators produced significantly more natural killer cells (NK). NK cells are our bodies first line of defensive against viruses and harmful pathogens, they protect us from reaching a suboptimal state, feeling unwell and developing disease.

Therefore, we need not do what the media encourage, or any other well meaning doctor, for we can empower ourselves by utilising natural systems to improve our wellbeing. 

A few mindful breaths per day could be the best medicine you’ll never need not buy.

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