Here are the 4 Key Principles of Mindful Eating:

1) Eat mindfully, not mindlessly

Slow down, really chew your food and be present with it.

2) Eat good quality, nourishing foods

Eat food (real food), not too much and mostly plants.

3) Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full 

Mind hunger and body hunger are different. Body hunger is a natural response by the body whereas mind hunger encourages overeating and poor dietary habits influenced by two key factors:

*Past conditioning-the eating behaviours we’ve come to understand as normal as a result of the eating behaviours/habits we were and are exposed to.

*Negative emotional states like: sadness, low mood, anger, unhappiness, lack of fulfilment, stress and or boredom. We use food to diminish (inoculate) the power of such states.

Be more attuned to what type of hunger you are experiencing (body/mind) and look to the reasons why.

4) Listen to your body

Be your own Guru, check in with yourself and ask: how do I feel now that I’ve eaten this food? Assess that sensation and evolve from there.

*Follow these steps as you consume food to develop better eating habits, greater health and enrich your experiences.